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festival of the winds

For someone who lives in Sydney, a city famous for its ocean views, I wouldn’t call myself a beach person by any means. In fact, if you ask me there’s hardly anything appealing about the whole beach experience. It’s usually too windy, too sandy, and involves being in close proximity to more strangers than I’d like. Not to mention, the sun damage at the end of the day is hardly worth it!

Nevertheless, if there’s anything that’ll get me to brave the Bondi crowds it’s the promise of a good photo op. Specifically I checked out Festival of the Winds last weekend, where dozens of colourful kites were sent floating into the sky. I actually tried to see this same event a few years ago but my plans were thwarted by the insane crowds. With the benefit of hindsight everything went smoothly this time around though, thank goodness!


While the large scale kites stole the show, amateurs and professionals alike were more than welcome to participate. I loved watching the movement of the kites, and how they almost seemed to swim amongst the endless blue sky. Sadly, none of my photos managed to capture just how mesmerising they were in person though!

Just some of the cute murals that line the sea wall at Bondi. In case you were wondering, I’m wearing a bomber jacket from earth music&ecology, denim skirt from Monki and tote from Thank You Mart. This bag has to be the best four dollars I’ve ever spent!


Sadly it was a bit too cold to swim this time around, although that definitely didn’t stop some determined beachgoers from entering the water. Sydney has been having some ridiculously warm days recently though, so I have a feeling I’ll be back at the seaside sooner than I realise!