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night noodle markets

You know summer’s just around the corner when Sydney’s festivals come out in full force. In particular, the Night Noodle Markets have to be among my favourite events, just because it makes me so excited for holiday parties and warm summer nights! This year I hit up the markets pretty early (by my standards, anyway) and I definitely think it’s only getting bigger and better each year. Granted, everything’s still a bit overpriced, but I’m a total sucker for good vibes and the novelty of dining al fresco. I’m pretty sure the whole of Sydney agrees too, if the crowds are anything to go by…
Since I missed out last year, my top priority was getting my hands on bao, bao and more bao. The first ones are from Bao Stop, and while I enjoyed them (especially the peking duck) I definitely preferred the ones from Mr. Bao. I mean, just look at those fillings escaping from their pockets! The karaage chicken, fried tofu and pork crackling pieces were generous and went really well with the pickled veggies. Be warned though, since they’re so massive they spill everywhere with one wrong move. I may or may not know from experience…
My friend’s yakisoba, which she wasn’t really a fan of. A bit disappointing considering the price, but I guess with events like these the food always tends to be hit or miss.
My buddies and I shared the Black Star Pastry x N2 desserts, which you can either buy separately or in a trio. The strawberry watermelon cake needs no introduction. Brokeback Moment involved vanilla gelato coated by a chocolate shell, complete with honeycomb and caramel in a pipette. I had the teafogato, which was like nothing I’ve ever had before. Unlike real afogato, the ice cream and tea combination reminded me more of a creaming soda float, or spider as we call it in Australia. Not sure if I’d get it again, but it was interesting to say the least!
There were so many other things I wanted to try (like the dessert sliders in Jane’s post) but with the crowds only set to get bigger, I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to venture out again haha. Nevertheless, if you’re a Sydneysider and still want to visit you should get on it! The markets end at the end of this week.