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sydney food bloggers xmas party

Around this time of year, there are always telltale signs that the holidays are just around the corner. Decorations everywhere, Michael Bublé blasting in all the shops, the sudden influx of festivities… Speaking of which, I attended the annual Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Party last week, which was a blast! Even though I’d only been once before, both times have been a great chance to meet likeminded people and bond over photography, blogging, and not to mention everything food-related. I don’t often get to meet fellow bloggers in real life, so it’s always nice to puts faces to URLs.


The cutest little burger cookies made by Ohburgerme. By the way, how cool is the fit out of Studio Neon? This year the party was taken inside, presumably to avoid possible heatwaves that have been so common in Sydney lately.


Amazing miso butterscotch macarons made by Ramen Raff. I managed to snag one before they were wiped clean, and they had the perfect texture! I’ve tried to make macarons before and failed, so major respect to anyone who can make them well.

Baked ricotta with preserved lemon salsa by Alanabread. Anything cheesy is good in my books, but this was on another level…


Woohoo, you smash that cake Chocolatesuze! Much to my surprise, it actually took quite a few hits to break through the chocolate shell.

Credit goes to David Ma for the group photo. I didn’t manage to get a good shot, but I brought green tea madeleines as seen on my Instagram. In case you were wondering, I pretty much used my usual recipe but added a tablespoon of matcha instead of browning the butter. Anyway, thanks Helen and Suze once again for hosting such a great party! The effort you guys put into organising definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Until next time…