Even though I’m a little late on the bandwagon (who am I kidding, January’s pretty much over already), happy 2015 everyone! It always takes me awhile to get settled into the new year, which is pretty much the reason things have been dead around here recently. It’s also why I’ve given up on New Year’s resolutions in general, but if I had to, they would be to a) blog more (already failed) and b) go out and do more things. I’ve been meaning to check out Sydney Festival for awhile now, so I thought I better get in quick before it ends tomorrow!

I’ve never been to Sydney Festival in previous years, but it involves a series of free and ticketed events, art installations, a Festival Village set up in Hyde Park, and food. It’s also surprisingly empty during the day, but I don’t doubt it’ll be packed before it ends this long weekend. Anyway, following tradition my mum and I shared Messina’s lemon meringue pie. This one came with a twist though – the base was lined with lemon curd and lemon custard ice cream, which was sooo refreshing! The only downside was that I didn’t grab a knife to cut that biscuit base with, since it was rock hard and pretty much impossible to eat neatly.


This installation was called Higher Ground, and designed so that viewers could feel immersed in the artwork. It was a bit trippy in terms of figuring out where to go and where you came from, but still pretty fun nonetheless! I love it when art installations like this are juxtaposed against the city landscape.

Some sights that can be seen from the top of the structure. Anyway, I’m definitely hoping I can see more free events like this throughout the year! I have a habit of missing them since the timing’s never right, so hopefully the stars align in my favour for once.