Dotti kimono cardigan, Sussan tank top, Dorothy Perkins jeans, David Jones slip on espadrilles, Lovisa necklace
It sounds crazy, but there was once a time when I hated blue jeans and avoided them at all costs. Thankfully I’m over that phase though, and I’ve since realised that blue denim’s essential for breaking up my monochrome wardrobe! Anyway, since it’s been unseasonably cold recently I’ve been dragging out these skinnies, which have quickly become my favourite pair since I bought them. They’re high waisted and quite thin, which isn’t so great for staying warm but perfect for when the weather’s in that awkward transitional period.

The slip ons are also new to my ever-growing shoe collection, but they’re definitely a change from my usual style. Normally I’m iffy about white shoes, but the fact that these look like those Chanel espadrilles pretty much sealed the deal for me. Everything’s topped off by my alphabet necklace, just because you can never have too many things with your initial on them! I usually have a hard time finding ‘M’ pendants that aren’t in a hideous font, so hurrah for actually finding one that I like.

In other news, I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and migrate my comments to Disqus! I’ve been pondering it for ages now, but the process was surprisingly painless and now I wish I’d done it sooner. I’m never actually sure if people see the replies to their comments, so hopefully that won’t be an issue from now on.