all that glitters

Material World tee, Ladakh skirt, Sportsgirl tote, Wandering Souls sandals, Lovisa earrings

If you’ve ever experienced an Australian summer, you’d know that wearing anything besides the bare essentials is unthinkable. I think that’s why I’m biased against fashion in the warmer months, since I think it’s so boring without the opportunity to play with layers and extra clothing pieces! After all, with all that humidity in the air who’s bothered to have an extra bracelet or necklace sticking to them? I’m already longing for the colder seasons when I can finally pile on the layers and accessorise to my heart’s content.

Anyway, even though last week was quite mild at 29°C I couldn’t bear to wear anything complicated to traipse around the city and eat tonkatsu. Enter this skirt I picked up on sale  I’ve decided that I don’t own enough separates, so naturally when I saw this one with a subtle gold sheen throughout it I couldn’t say no! Even though it can look a bit dressed up when it’s not wrinkled (whoops), I toned it down with these shoes and tote that I can’t seem to shake off. They’re just so easy to throw together with any look, and I should probably get more basic accessories before every outfit of mine starts to look the same!

In other news, when I haven’t been complaining about the heat lately I’ve been wallowing in the fact that my favourite shows don’t start again until January. I guess this would be a prime time to catch up on that uni coursework I was meant to plough through these holidays, but we all know how my efforts to self-study pan out… Anyway, hope you all have a relaxing Sunday ahead of you!