how to spend a weekend in melbourne

It’s been a hot minute, but after two years the blog is officially back! If you keep up with me elsewhere, you’d know that I haven’t completely disappeared off the internet. I’m still active on Instagram, and that’s about it ever since Twitter went down the toilet… honestly though, lately I feel like social media in general leaves something to be desired. I really miss the days of old school blogs and the amazing communities built around them… but that’s a topic for another day!

Anyway, what better way to make a comeback than with a blog post I’ve had half-baked in the drafts for a year? Last winter my sister and I went on a weekend trip to Melbourne, a place I adore but don’t get to visit nearly often enough. We were only there for a few days, but that was plenty of time for me to get my fill of art, culture and food. Read on for ideas if you ever happen to be in the area!

Fitzroy Markets

Fitzroy Markets, Melbourne      Fitzroy Markets, Melbourne

Melbourne is a great place to visit if you love fashion, especially of the vintage variety. In particular, Fitzroy is known for being one of the most hipster suburbs in Melbourne, and also one of the most stylish! During my trip I came across so many cute markets in the area, all of which were within walking distance.

One was The Fitzroy Market, a year-round flea market that happens every weekend. With plenty of stalls spruiking secondhand items, food vendors and live music, this place had such an infectious and lively atmosphere! If I was a local you’d find me here every Saturday morning.

Fitzroy Markets, Melbourne      Fitzroy Markets, Melbourne

We also paid a visit to The Rose Street Market, a cosy marketplace full of artisans selling handmade goods and artworks. And of course, when it comes to Melbourne I can’t not talk about the vintage shopping! While I personally found the curated stores pretty expensive, the city is home to plenty of regular op shops like Salvos, where I managed to score some amazing finds.

Fitzroy Gardens

Just a few tram stops away from the CBD you’ll find Fitzroy Gardens, a quiet reprieve away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Speaking of trams: I still have no idea how they work in Melbourne, and I’m convinced that no one who lives there knows either. Throughout my trip I had so many strangers asking me if they were on the right tram, despite not knowing any better myself!

Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne

Since it was winter when I visited the garden was pretty barren, but I still loved stopping by to catch my breath and people watch. Not to mention, the Conservatory was thriving! Apparently hydrangeas (one of my all time favourites) bloom there later in the year, so I’ll definitely have to pay another visit in the summertime.

Fitzroy Markets, Melbourne      Fitzroy Markets, Melbourne

Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne


If you wanna get cultured, ACMI (Australia Centre for the Moving Image) is an amazing place to learn about all things screen-related. It was actually my first time visiting the museum, and it made for such a fun solo outing!

ACMI Light: Works from Tate’s Collection      ACMI Light: Works from Tate’s Collection

The main reason I went was for an exhibition called Light: Works from Tate’s Collection, which I really enjoyed. It was basically a huge collection of pieces exploring light, and how it has been depicted over 200 years of art history. Sadly the show has ended since then, but ACMI also has a permanent exhibition about the history of film and television that I totally recommend. Not to mention, that one’s free!

ACMI Light: Works from Tate’s Collection      ACMI Light: Works from Tate’s Collection

State Library of Victoria

Of course, when in Melbourne I have to pay a visit to the State Library Victoria, which is possibly the most aesthetic library in all of Australia. I wasn’t there to study (thank god those days are over), but the library’s just a nice place to chill out after a long day of walking. Power outlets are also plentiful here, a lifesaver when your phone’s battery life is on single digits.

Beyond the gorgeous architecture, this library’s actually super fun to explore! On each level you’ll find lookouts where you can peek into the reading room, as well as various galleries tucked away in the corners.

State Library Victoria Melbourne      State Library Victoria Melbourne

Melbourne Museum

It rained on the last day of our trip, so we decided to escape the bad weather by visiting Melbourne Museum. Was it weird being surrounded by hundreds of kids on school excursions? Yes. Nonetheless we enjoyed looking at all the dinosaur skeletons and creepy crawlies, despite the disturbing number of spiders on display…

Melbourne Museum butterflies      Melbourne Museum triceratops skeleton

At the time the museum was also running Tyama: A Multisensory Experience Of Nature, an interactive exhibition that explores nature’s nocturnal worlds. I absolutely loved it, despite the whole thing feeling way too short!

That’s just about it for my trip, but of course that doesn’t even cover all the good food I ate in Melbourne… stay tuned for more in the next post!