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autumn leaves

Japan is a country that appreciates the changing seasons like no other. From the various festivals to the types of food being sold in the shops, what time of year it is seems to influence every aspect of daily life here. Depending on what’s in bloom, the same old places also take on a whole new life. Being my favourite season and all, I was definitely looking forward to seeing what autumn looks like here!


These pictures were taken a few months ago in November, which seems like forever ago now. On our day off my friends and I decided to visit the local park, which was full of gingko trees just beginning to shed their leaves. We were far from the only ones – there were lots of elderly people taking in the scenery, and even a wedding shoot going on in the background!

I definitely got a bit carried away playing in the leaves! If you ask me, autumn’s one of the best (and most photogenic) times you can probably visit Japan. While the tourist crowds tend to be at their peak, the abundance of leaves framing the scenery makes up for it.


After quite a bit of strolling, we also came across some gorgeous Japanese maple trees. It’s a bit weird to think that in just a couple of months, I’ll be stepping back into autumn once I fly back home. While I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea of experiencing two winters this year, anything has to be better than the sub-zero nights we’ve been having lately!