japanese fashion haul

Take it from me, packing your life into thirty kilos is no easy feat. Although most of my luggage was dedicated to wardrobe when I came to Japan, it was pretty obvious I’d be buying a lot of clothes once I arrived here! Not that I’m complaining though, I adore Japanese fashion and how put together everyone looks. A lot of the girls here have very feminine styles and wear flowy skirts, preppy blouses and heels on a daily basis. While comfort will always be number one for me, I’ve definitely accumulated more than a few purchases to share…

Retro Girl tee and cami set: Tank tops layered over tees may be a 90s trend, but it’s also perfect for Japan’s tendency towards modest clothing. While I love the bell sleeves on this tee, the best thing about this set is that the cami’s detachable for endless t-shirt combinations.


GU skants: Although it’s not that well-known overseas, in Japan everyone and their mum shops at GU. Basically it’s from the same parent company as Uniqlo, and can be best described as its cooler (and cheaper!) little sister. I definitely had no qualms stocking up on their skants, otherwise known as a skirt and pants hybrid.

Forever 21 denim skirt: I picked up this skirt in Tokyo since Forever 21 just doesn’t exist in my prefecture. I love the cute 70s vibes, although I only wish the fabric was a bit sturdier since it wrinkles like crazy.

H&M green jacket: You know when you stop searching for something and it appears right in front of you? This was one of those purchases. I’ve always wanted a khaki anorak, and this one just so happened to be in the sale section. I really love the casual vibes it gives any outfit, and the fact that it’s perfect for rainy days.

Ingni blouse: Finally, I saved my favourite buy for last! I was searching for a peasant blouse for the longest time, and was about to give up when I came across this gem from Ingni. I love that the sleeves are super floaty and delicate, and just hits my elbows. It seems to be pretty well-made too, which is great considering the price.

This isn’t even everything I’ve bought since starting exchange, but for time’s sake I’l stop there! I’m already dreading the day I have to take it all home, but that’s a problem for future me to worry about. Anyway, I hope you’re having a good week!