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counting down

1. Homemade churros  2. Takumi sushi train  3. The Strand Arcade  4. Life of a stationery addict  5. Customs House  6. Tea weather has arrived  7. That time I woke up at sunrise for no reason 8. Getting my fill of yum cha for the year  9. Chur Burger  10. Easter donuts from Krispy Kreme  11. Strolls around Darling Harbour  12. Spring onion fried chicken

Somehow, the prospect of moving away for a year really changes your perspective on the things you usually take for granted. In particular, lately I’ve been thinking a lot in terms of lasts… The last time I’ll be strolling down Sydney’s familiar streets. The last time I’ll have mum’s cooking for a year. The last time I’ll be able to see my friends without an ocean separating us.

So with one more day before I leave for Japan, I’m afraid this is all I have to share with you! The past month has been a flurry of meetings, visa applications, and catching up with as many people as is humanly possible. Not to mention there’s the monstrous task of packing my life into a suitcase, which I’ve been putting off. It’s been pretty hectic to say the least! Anyway, I think it’s finally sinking in that I’m leaving, which is weird. At this point, I’ve done so much to prepare that all I have left to do is hope for the best.

It goes without saying but Instagram is my go-to social media, so follow me here if you’re interested in the shenanigans I get up to! Let’s be real though, it’s mainly gonna be photos of all the food I’ll be gorging on. Bye and I’ll see you all on the other side!