the japan diaries

Eleven days. That’s how long it’s been since I started my crazy adventure in Japan anyway, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! My days here have been so packed that it’s hard to believe I was getting ready to leave Sydney just over a week over. So far it’s mainly involved a ton of paperwork, but meeting new people has been fun as are the little victories. For one, managing to not getting lost among Japan’s tiny backstreets… Anyway, please excuse the crappy phone photos! It’s kind of hard to be discreet and simultaneously snap everything in sight.

The first thing I noticed upon arriving was that it’s freezing here. I’m seriously starting to think that I’ve been living a lie with Australian winters, since the weather here’s just as cold and it’s meant to be spring already! That doesn’t mean the sakura’s not out in full force though. In fact, I think they’re blooming a little late around here because it’s further up north, which suits me just fine.


Despite being kinda rural there’s no shortage of restaurants to visit around my uni. Whether you’re after ramen, Chinese food or a meal at one of the many family restaurants you definitely won’t go hungry around here! If that doesn’t suit you there are three cafeterias to choose from on campus, where you’ll find stuff like katsu curry for the grand price of under 500 yen (roughly the equivalent of six dollars).


Even more food where that came from, namely some super crispy tempura with hot udon noodles. Also, on the right is just some of the food at my dorm’s welcome party. At this rate I’m gonna be rolling back to Australia…


Stopping to pet random dogs in the street, as you do. Anyway, there’s my not so interesting update! Obviously I’ve had a few mishaps since arriving here, but I’m really excited for what the rest of the year has to offer. Culture shock hasn’t hit me too hard yet but apparently this is only the honeymoon period, so I can look forward to coming down from that soon… Anyway, stay tuned for a post that may or may not involve more sakura. Until next time!