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nikko day trip

And now, begins the arduous task of playing catch up with my blog posts! Some weeks ago I headed to Nikko (日光) for the first time, and it was definitely the change of scenery I needed. Even though it’s just two hours from where I live, I could definitely feel the difference in the crisp mountain air. In any case I can see why so many people visit from Tokyo, since it’s the perfect get away from the bustle of the city.


Our first stop of the day was Tobu World Square (東武ワールドスクウェア) which is basically a theme park full of miniaturised famous landmarks. It actually reminded me of a similar garden that exists in Canberra, but much more impressive! I mean, who needs to hop on a plane when you can come here and go from Big Ben to the Great Wall in less than an hour?

The attention to detail was pretty phenomenal, if I do say so myself! Sadly there were no Australian landmarks to be found though…


Next up was Toshogu Shrine (東照宮) which is probably the main attraction that Nikko has to offer. It’s most famous for bearing carvings of Sanzaru, or the Three Wise Monkeys. On that particular day the shrine was packed to the brim because of some festival that was happening, but I still loved it. It’s hard not to with all that beautiful forest surrounding the area.


There were sooo many beautiful buildings to be found at Toshogu. They all had such gorgeous detailing that really glistened in the sunlight that day. I probably could’ve spent hours wandering the place alone, if we weren’t on such a tight schedule!

How’s that for a lucky shot! I didn’t even notice the cross in the foreground before scrolling through my pictures afterwards. Anyway, I loved my time in Nikko but it was definitely too short to explore the place properly. I’ll definitely be back one day!