life in a nutshell

Well, this is awkward to say the least! I obviously didn’t plan on taking a hiatus from the blog, but like most things in life it just kind of happened. Anyway, all I can really say about the past few weeks is that it’s been a total blur. On top of juggling friends, study and a part time job, finding the motivation to do anything in Japan’s winter has been a challenge in itself. Now that I’ve finally finished my major report I have some time to breathe, so here’s an update of what I’ve been up to lately through my phone!

One thing I love about Japan is that there’s always something new to discover around the corner. Case in point – the humble manhole cover! Rather than being overlooked like they usually are, manholes in Japan are seriously works of art. They’re usually designed to reflect the city in question, so I always make a point of looking out for them when I travel. This little guy is actually Mito-chan, my town’s mascot.

Some weeks ago my university held its annual festival, and to be perfectly honest? I thought it’d be just like O’Day back at home, but boy was I wrong. For one, gakuensai are a huge deal and come with performances, fireworks, the whole lot. Not to mention, there’s amazingly cheap food everywhere! Every club runs their own stall selling things from takoyaki to tofu donuts, so I was pretty much on cloud nine.

Eating my way through life, because what else is new? That burger was probably the first one I’d had in almost seven months, unless you count good old McDonalds. And as always, I’ve been taking full advantage of the 100 yen sushi plates while I’m here.

In case you missed it, Tokyo and its surrounding regions had November snow for the first time in more than fifty years. It’s probably not a big deal to most people, but for this Australian waking up to snow is totally a life-changing event! My international buddies were equally freaking out, so at least I didn’t feel like such a weirdo for enjoying it as much as I did haha. Anyway, here’s hoping I get the chance to see snow again before I fly home next year!