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the halfway point

The concept of time is such a weird thing when you’re studying abroad. There’s so much pressure on this year to be the best experience of your life, but the reality is that you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. It’s not perfect, and there’ll be times when all you want is to come home to mum’s cooking waiting on the table. Yet, there’s so much more to gain from living in a new country that makes it all worthwhile. You meet so many people you never imagined you’d meet in your life, and are forced to push yourself way outside of your comfort zone. Now that I’ve reached the six month mark here in Japan, I find myself wondering if a year really is enough to complete everything I want to achieve here.

Anyway, it’s been a minute since my last update but not without good reason! Autumn is synonymous with back to school season, and I’ve been busy with new classes and the challenges that come with them. I’ve also said goodbye to some of my closest friends, and said hello to the new faces that have popped up around my university. Even though I barely have enough time to do my laundry (I know, totally gross) it feels good to be busy, even if it’s tiring at times. There are so many inspiring people around me who are in the same boat as me, and they push me to keep learning, keep improving my Japanese, and keep finding joy in the little things that make this country unique.

Moving away from the cheesy stuff, I still have so much to share from my summer break, which included a short stint in Kyoto! In fact, I went a little overboard and came home with over two thousand photos to sort through. It might take a while, but I definitely haven’t forgotten about my dear old blog. Bear with me until then, and look forward to some fresh travel posts soon!