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onomichi day trip

Moving on to my Onomichi (尾道) day trip, aka the time I unwittingly climbed a massive hill and almost died from exhaustion! When I told the hostel owner where I was headed that morning, she mentioned that Onomichi was quite far. That probably should’ve been my first clue… The train ride from Hiroshima takes at least two hours, but the journey was actually quite scenic so I didn’t mind too much. Just be prepared for the crowds if you happen to leave during peak hour!


Completely unaware of the existence of a ropeway that would’ve taken me up straight up, I proceeded to climb an insane number of stairs. I also passed a guy walking in the opposite direction, who in hindsight must’ve thought I was crazy for even trying to go uphill! It was a steep hike, but luckily there was no shortage of gorgeous views to enjoy during my (multiple) rest breaks.

The Path of Literature (文学のこみち) is a walk that guides you through rocks engraved with the works of famous poets and authors. I really wish I understood enough Japanese to enjoy them properly, but oh well! I can imagine this would make a cute idea for a date. Speaking of which, check out those adorable couple backpacks haha.


You’ll find Senko-ji (千光寺) at the top of the hill, but if you’re a temple-lover it’s totally worth the climb. The place must have hundreds of unique sculptures to explore, which are unlike the ones at any other temple I’ve visited. Not to mention, it has an amazing view overlooking the ocean. I’m still kicking myself for not timing my trip more wisely, since I can imagine it’d be incredible when the flowers are in bloom!


I later found myself in Cat’s Alley (猫の細道), a trail filled with whimsical kitty motifs at every corner. There were no humans in sight while I poked around the little nooks and crannies, but a couple of stray cats did actually come out to play!


Can we take a minute to appreciate this adorable latte with my name on it?! Mind you, this cafe wasn’t exactly close to civilisation. It was actually quite a walk from the station, but still packed with Japanese girls craving their fill of kawaii drinks and desserts. The owner was super lovely though, and handled the influx of orders like a champ!

Staring at the mammoth hill I’d just climbed from the train platform. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty proud of myself for making it back in one piece! Anyway, I’m not someone that usually falls asleep on trains, but I  proceeded to nod off on the way back home. The telltale sign of a day well spent, if you ask me.