by the seaside

While they definitely get on my nerves sometimes, there’s no doubt that I’ll miss my family over the coming year. Going from a house of six people to living alone will be a huge shock, so I’m definitely treasuring the time I have with them while I can! Last month we decided to visit Nelson Bay for a weekend, because why the heck not. Even though the weather wasn’t so great, it was fun spending time with cousins I only see once in a blue moon. After all, there’s nothing like a good old road trip to encourage some family bonding…

Boat trailers galore! While the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating, I was happy to just gorge myself on snacks and take in the ocean breeze. Mind you the water was freezing, but that didn’t stop the beach from being crowded (or my younger cousins from attempting to swim).

The best part of travelling with family? Being able to indulge in awesome home-cooked food, thanks to my aunties. Our spread included papaya salad, seafood marinara, and even a huge flathead that my uncle caught himself!


The next day the sun decided to come out, so we walked around the harbour for breakfast and a little sightseeing. I opted for a breakfast wrap which was sooo good, but ridiculously messy to eat. Surprisingly enough this area seemed to get a lot of foot traffic, despite it being a normal weekend! I can’t even imagine what it’d be like during the holiday season.

And then it was time for the long drive home! Two days wasn’t nearly enough to explore the area, but the change of pace definitely left me feeling refreshed. I’ll definitely be visiting again sometime, hopefully when the weather isn’t acting up!