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a minute in june

Since finishing the uni semester recently, you could say that I’ve become the biggest of homebodies. To be fair though, it’s not like this has made much of a difference to my normal lifestyle except that I can now do my thing without the added guilt that I’m wasting precious time! Anyway, so far this hasn’t involved much besides catching up on TV (both of the series and World Cup variety), so I decided to resurrect this ‘a minute in’ tag on my blog. Here are some things that I’ve been doing/watching/liking recently:

Working on… This little sketch! I haven’t had this much free time in ages, so naturally I seized the opportunity to drag out my trusty watercolour pencils again. I’m no pro at it, but I just find drawing really relaxing since it helps take my mind off things. Anyway, for now I’m incapable of drawing humans so I settled for finches, haha.

Craving… Ramen, but then again when am I not? This was actually taken a while back when I ate at Ramen Ikkyu in Haymarket. At just over $10 for the Chef’s Special it’s relatively cheap but sooo good and garlicky, just the way I like it!

Smelling… This pomegranate candle that I pinched from my mum. Most of the time I’m not even much of a candle person, but this one just smells divine whether it’s burning or not! Christmas scents in general seem to have that effect on me…

Watching… Orphan Black, aka my current obsession. If you’re not watching for the conspiracies and quippy one-liners, you really should be! Basically, Tatiana Maslany is a god and somehow manages to pull off playing nine different clones seamlessly. I’m already mourning the fact that the season two finale airs today, and I’ll be without new episodes for a year or so… On that note, if you follow me on Twitter you’d know that Offspring is another (albeit completely different) show that I love! It’s pretty much the only thing I tune into regularly on Australian TV.

Listening to… This track I heard on Suits, which has been another infatuation of mine recently (mainly because Louis Litt kills me every single time, but that’s beside the point). It’s just so relaxing! Kudos if you know which scene this is from too, haha.

So, what have you been doing/watching/listening to lately? Right now I’m pondering what thing I should move on to next. I’m considering watching Game of Thrones but am kind of weak-stomached, so I’m not sure it’d be such a good idea… Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend!