the blackest lily

Am I alone when I say that I can’t wait for this year to end? To be honest, 2011’s been horrid in more ways than one, and I need a fresh start already. Anyway, yesterday Frankie’s 2012 diary came in the mail thanks to the Nation State, so that doesn’t exactly help my cause… I’m dying to use it already! For those that are looking, you can order the diary here. (By the way, the weird origami Santa isn’t included…)
In other news, did I mention that my family got new birds? Well, being an idiot my sister let our old one fly away. I think my parents were more sad about it than any of my siblings… Anyway, they’re lovebirds and we don’t know their genders, hence they are currently nameless. I don’t think they particularly like us yet, so do any bird experts have tips for playing with them or something? This is why I’ll never have a pet of my own accord…