Thrifted dress and belt, Betts sandals

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m not a huge fan of summer. I prefer being indoors where it’s nice and sterile, so that stickiness or feeling of being burnt alive isn’t really a sensation I’m fond of. However, if there’s one redeeming thing about the heat it’s the fact that you can just throw on a breezy dress, and bam! Your outfit’s done without giving it a second thought.

I picked up this dress from the thrift store, surprise surprise. At first I thought it was kind of dumpy but I just couldn’t say no to that adorable pattern, even though I have no idea what those shapes are meant to be! After taking up the shoulders and adding a belt, the dress is now a little more wearable and perfect for throwing on whenever I’m running late. It may even be a little too wearable, considering I’ve worn it too many times to keep track of who’s seen me in it… Same goes for these sandals, which I’ve barely taken off since I bought them. The rubber soles mean that I miraculously haven’t ruined the heels yet, so I guess they’re here to stay!