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four ate five

Brunch has always been a mystical thing to me. Although the idea gets thrown around casually I can never wake up early enough for it, so the novelty is something that I haven’t gotten around to experiencing yet… well not in Sydney, that is! Anyway when someone recommended that I try out Four Ate Five (which happens to be right next door to Mad Spuds) I was determined to make the effort for brunch, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Be warned though, my friend and I went fairly early on a Friday morning and it was already packed! Luckily we found seats quickly, although people seem to be in and out of there pretty fast anyway.

They didn’t have chai lattes (blasphemy!) so I went for the chai tea brewed with milk and honey instead. Honestly I’d have to say it tastes the same as all the other places I’ve had chai tea, but I still enjoy it every time! It also came in this cute teapot and strainer set which is quite fun, plus it holds just the right amount for one person.

Baked eggs were high on the list of things recommended to me, and I can see why! I got the Moroccan style baked eggs with almonds and organic fetta, and man oh man… They were so rich and tomatoey, and definitely needed the complimentary sourdough for dipping. The almonds gave a nice crunchy texture, although it still tasted good after they had been soaking for a bit! A word of warning, though – the eggs were literally steaming hot, so don’t dive into them like I did. I can still feel where I scalded the roof of my mouth…

My friend went for the other baked eggs option which involved pancetta, spinach, leek, mushrooms, and parmesan. Apparently it was also really good, although it might’ve been a little too cheesy since she didn’t finish all of it! Nevertheless, we both agreed that the baked eggs were really warming and basically the perfect food for winter. Also not pictured is my friend’s banana smoothie, which was huge and came in a whole milkshake cup. I may have to try that or the other milkshakes on a day when I have the stomach space, since they all sounded pretty good!

Check out some of those cool paintings on the wall! Both the kitchen and coffee machines were pretty much out in the open, so I think it made this place feel a bit more fast-paced than other cafes.

Aaand some sights to be seen around Sydney’s own Central Park, since my friend had never been and we wanted some grass to sit on. Meanwhile I finally figured out where that infamous gelato place is, but unfortunately we were both too full to try some! I’ll definitely be back for it soon though, just watch this space…

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