life in november

1. Char kway teow  2. The QVB by night  3. My go-to meal of pad see ew  4. Jacaranda in full bloom  5. Obligatory Christmas tree shot  6. Mum’s homemade quiche  7. Green tea madeleines  8. Pad kee mao  9. One of many iced coffees consumed this month  10. Urban greenery  11. Dessert at Passionflower  12. Korean for lunch

Man, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It honestly feels like I just blinked, and then December was upon us already! While I’m usually that person who groans about the festivities before they even begin, I have to admit that something about sparkling lights and decorations in all the shops makes me feel giddy inside. Plus, holidays are pretty much the only time of year when my loved ones have a break in their busy schedules, so that always means a lot of catch ups to be had… and a lot of food! You can’t go wrong with long chats over Korean food, followed promptly by dessert. I haven’t visited Passionflower in years but the ice cream was amazingly creamy, not to mention huge. I’m pretty sure that parfait could’ve been a meal in itself, but needless to say it was totally worth it.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up my life lately in a nutshell! I’m dying to get out of Sydney or at least explore some different areas of it, so hopefully that happens soon. As much as I love my hometown, it all gets a little repetitive sometimes. If you’re interested in what I’m eating (and occasionally doing) be sure to follow my Instagram, and have a happy December!