the rocks teppanyaki

If there’s one occasion you need to pull out all the stops for, it’s definitely your twenty-first birthday. Even though the legal drinking age in Australia is technically eighteen, there will be always something monumental about turning the big twenty-one in my eyes! Anyway, recently a friend of mine celebrated her own birthday with dinner at The Rocks Teppanyaki by Kobe Jones. I’ve heard a lot about Kobe Jones and have always been curious about it, but never enough to actually try it out for myself until now. Read on for more…


First up on the set menu was beef tataki, as well as crab salad with avocado and kingfish, all flamed with a secret sauce. While the former was definitely my favourite of the two, it was really fascinating to watch the chef do her thing right in front of our eyes!


The only non-alcoholic cocktail on the menu, which involved mango blended with orange, pineapple juice and a bit of strawberry. Thank goodness I decided to share this one, despite being tasty it was also insanely thick! There was also a side salad served with some sautéed shiitake mushrooms.

How’s that for a light show? There were two types of beef tenderloin steak, one regular (I’m assuming) and the other wagyu, which was sooo good and melted right in your mouth. I assumed the meat would go with the garlic fried rice but they were served separately, which I found a bit odd. Sadly the rice was also a bit too garlicky for my liking, and hard to finish on its own.

Finally, green tea crème brûlée for dessert! I think the flame effect made the sugar crust a little burnt, but there was still some delicious green tea flavour underneath. Anyway, that just about wraps up the dinner! My friends and I definitely had a fun experience and were rolling out the door, although I’m not too sure if I’d go again myself because of the price. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a dining experience that’s a bit different from the norm the Rocks Teppanyaki definitely offers just that!

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