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somewhere, someday

So a couple of days ago, my friends and I ventured into the city for food and a movie (do we ever do anything else?). Unfortunately, Sydney weather decided to become horribly windy after such a nice Easter long weekend… but somehow we ended up at Norita Cafe and played Jenga and Scrabble, which I discovered I’m TERRIBLE at. The food was pretty good though, considering most people go there for the ice-cream! But instead, afterwards I bought a caramel iced milk tea from Chatime, which was really nice. I’m beginning to think I obsess over bubble tea the way some people do over coffee, which is not a good thing… can’t be helped though!

Anyway, after some browsing on Vimeo I came across this amazing video (that rhyme really wasn’t intentional)… I’ve always admired how cinematographers have the patience to make time-lapse movies, maybe because I’m just an impatient sort of person myself. Well then, I hope everyone’s having an enjoyable week! 🙂