The set selection of sweet and savoury pastries, petit fours, and finger sandwiches

So while I’ve been catching up on sleep, watching a bajillion YouTube videos and basically being a sloth, it’s fair to say that my post-HSC period has been pretty dull. And in actuality, I do have a list of things that I want to fulfill but let’s be honest – doing fun stuff costs money, which is why I should probably search for a job sometime soon! Anyway, two days ago I had high tea at the Tea Room with my food buddy, which was definitely not within my budget… and even if we felt kind of out of place what with the all the grannies and classy ladies that eat there, it was still pretty fun! There was even a guy that came and explained the selection to us, which I found amusing (but pointless because I immediately forgot what he said)… Anyway, moral of the story is that looks are deceiving and you should never go high tea alone. I think we sat there for over an hour, but by the time we finished we felt so full and still ended up taking home a box of leftover goodies…

Pretty crockery, clotted cream and preserve that came with the scones

In other news, the tree in QVB is up again which can only mean one thing – Christmas is upon us! Honestly, they’ve put up that Swarovski tree for as long as I can remember, but no one seems to get bored of it. Admittedly, before this week I’d never seen the top of the tree, but only the sparkly base on the bottom floor… it was a nice change to see the ceiling though, because usually I don’t have a reason to visit the top floor!

By the way, I recently made a Facebook page for this blog that you can like by clicking here. I’m just going to be using it to post future blog updates, which I promise won’t include anymore food shots (well not in abundance anyway)… really, it’s quite sad how the only exciting thing for me to post is photos of what I eat, but whatever. Until then, see you soon!

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