creature comforts

A few things that I’ve acquired recently! Well to be honest, by ‘recently’ I mean sometime in the past 1-2 months… for some reason, buying things just doesn’t excite me anymore. Maybe it’s my perpetually empty wallet, maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have anywhere to wear nice clothes to… but whatever! Onwards:

1. Teacup gifted from my aunty. Too bad I feel weird using something so nice for everyday use, so it’s a trinket holder now.

2. Lush New Shampoo bar and Honey I Washed the Kids Soap. I’d already bought the shampoo once to make my hair grow, and it actually has with awkward baby hairs sticking up everywhere! Whether or not it’s because of the shampoo I do not know, but just in case…

3, 4. A new-old clock that I really cannot remember the source of, and some random finds from Vinnies.

5. Dinosaur Pillow Pet that I gladly took off my brother’s hands. He is insane for not wanting it though… how could you not want such fluffy goodness in your life?!

Free posters and creeping on my neighbour’s poodle… I should probably make better use of my time.

In unrelated news, RAMEN! Yesterday my mum, grandma and I went to the city to find a formal dress, and that was a bust… I hadn’t been to Ramen Kan in about two years, and it was so good (albeit a bit salty)! I’m craving it so much right now, but packets of instant noodles just don’t cut it… such a sad life.

Sorry guys it has taken so long for me to put up this post, and it only seems like it’ll get busier from here on. But good luck to my fellow year 12s studying for trials, and I’ll see you on the other side. Over and out!