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a day in the life

 After a stressful week of assessments, the last thing I really wanted to do was leave the house early on a Saturday morning… it ended up being worth it though, despite the freezing cold (well, as ‘freezing’ as winter in Sydney can be)! In a nutshell, my buddies and I spent a ton on bread and overpriced Japanese lollies, ventured out to the Japanese speaking day which wasn’t really that helpful, ate at Pancakes on the Rocks and just wandered around the harbour while it was dark. I was meant to see the Vivid Light Festival afterwards, but that didn’t end up happening. Unfortunate, but everyone I know went so I suppose it would’ve been horribly crowded anyway…

Tandoori chicken pizza, pork ribs, and blackforest cherry pancakes… I didn’t eat all that by myself by the way!!

Fairy lights and some light installation in a random allyway… the babies were kind of cool but freaky at the same time?! I usually never see stuff like this in Sydney… which is why I’m dying to go to Melbourne or any other city for that matter.

Gratuitous picture of myself basking in the sun in Hyde Park. Hopefully I’ll be going somewhere interesting in the next month, so bye until next time!