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Over time, I’ve come to accept that most things in life just don’t go according to plan. Yet while I’m no stranger to the occasional case of creative block, this has to be the longest I’ve ever been away from the blog! Despite having posts all lined up and ready to go, I’ve just been feeling so down lately that it felt disingenuous to post about happier times. I could go on about how nothing seemed to be improving on the health front, and I couldn’t see an end to all the checkups I had to go through. I could go on about how my meds made me weirdly emotional and affected my physical appearance, so much so that I didn’t want to look in the mirror for weeks. I could go on about how all this combined with a death in the family became a little too much to bear. But thankfully the worst of it’s over now, and things are starting to look up. Or at least, kind of.


With everything going on, I can’t remember the last time I went somewhere for the sake of taking some pretty photos. Recently the Royal Botanical Gardens had a flower exhibition that I was keen on checking out, so I did just that! Wandering through nature always takes me to a better state of mind, but this time it was especially nice to stare at something other than the inside of a waiting room. I really wish I could’ve taken some of those orchids home with me, but apparently all the flowers were snapped up soon after the display ended.

I have to admit, it’s a bit of a relief to realise that the sky won’t fall in if I suddenly don’t post for a week (or five). But at the same time, blogging’s become such a huge part of who I am that I truly missed it. I’ve missed taking and editing photos. I’ve missed that moment of elation when you receive a nice comment. And of course, I’ve missed being a part of the little community I’ve found through this corner of the internet. So just to jump back into things, how have you been lately? Let me know, and hopefully I’ll be back with more blog posts soon!