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If my radio silence hasn’t been any indication, I’ve been a bit of a busy bee lately. In between long uni days, assignments and somehow squeezing in a social life I’ve barely had time to catch a break, let alone blog! True to form though, if there’s anything I’ll make time for it’s food, specifically ice cream. I’ve actually made this kind of post before, but I think I’ll start making quick roundups of the stuff I eat a regular thing. More often than not, my phone’s full of food photos that never see the light of day. While the quality’s not exactly ideal, as they say the best camera’s the one you have with you!  Anyway, onto the main course…


I’ve visited Chanoma Cafe twice in the last fortnight and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. At $2.90 a pop for the green tea soft serve, it really can’t be beat when it’s late and I’m desperate for my green tea fix! The matcha fruit anmitsu’s also a good option if you’re after a more wholesome dessert, and comes with fresh fruit, red bean paste and dango.

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Yep, you saw right – yet another late night dessert run at Anita Gelato, which I actually blogged about not too long ago! Note that I didn’t get any of the above flavours, but went for panna cotta and Belgian chocolate instead. The panna cotta tasted like caramel and was a bit sweet on its own, but when paired with the bittersweet chocolate it made the perfect combo! I just love this place a lot, the interiors are so inviting and the interesting flavours always keep me coming back for more.

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Menya Mappen is my go-to place for a quick meal, and I’m pretty sure every uni student I know would agree! If you ask me, ontama bukkake udon’s the way to go, although they also have other noodle and rice dishes if you’re so inclined. With the plethora of side dishes (tempura, anyone?) it’s easy to get a quick, cheap, and satisfying meal. What more you could ask for?

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Would you believe that I hadn’t paid a visit to Aqua S before yesterday? I may actually be the slowest food blogger in existence. In any case, I’m not sure how I felt about the signature sea salt flavour! It tasted nice at first, but got a bit overwhelming by the time it melted into a blue puddle. On the other hand, I loved the tofu soft serve. It tasted just like Asian soy milk and wasn’t too sweet, plus it seemed to hold up better than the sea salt ice cream. I would totally have it again, but sadly I think it’s only available until the end of this week. I’ll definitely be back after the next flavour switch, though!

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