Wow, when was the last time I did a haul (excluding the video kind) on this blog? I absolutely love snooping when other people share their purchases, but haven’t done the same in a long time for some reason. Anyway, seeing as all I’ve been doing lately is shopping away, I thought it’d be the prime time to show you some stuff I bought recently!

You know those items that are completely not your style, but you end up being attracted to them anyway? This Wish dress is one of those things. It’s pretty much an earth-shattering event whenever I wear bright colours (just ask my friends), but I loved the silhouette of this too much to leave it in the shop. It kind of reminds me of the sixties vibe you get from Mad Men, and I don’t even watch the darn show!

I snagged this smock-like dress from Miss Shop on sale, and it’s so soft that I could probably use it as a nightie! Now, I just have to figure out how to style it so that it doesn’t actually look like one…

I finally repurchased my beloved Cranberry Joy Body Butter from the Body Shop, and couldn’t be happier! Even though it’s a Christmas scent, I definitely have no problem with smelling like a giant cranberry all year round.

If you hadn’t heard NYX has finally found its way to Australian shores, and you can now pick up the brand in Target (albeit for a seriously inflated price)! Some of the popular items were already sold out when I got there, but I managed to pick up this soft matte lip cream in the shade Istanbul and absolutely love it. The matte finish isn’t like anything else I’ve tried, and while lollipop pink isn’t usually my lip colour of choice I’ve found myself wearing it quite a lot!

So, the creme de la creme of my purchases has to be these heels that were on sale from Zu Shoes! I tend to be a bit iffy about wooden heels, but once I tried these on there was no going back. The sole is extremely cushiony, and since I’m lacking sandals in my shoe wardrobe I just couldn’t say no. After all, I might need them someday for a special occasion that I’m not sure exists yet, but you know… I can’t be the only person that justifies purchases like this, right? Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the holidays and I’ll see you soon!