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walk in the park

As a typical introvert, I wouldn’t be the first to admit that I don’t get out much. I usually hate parties, and if you asked me to go out over a night in with the TV? I don’t think that’s even a question! Anyway, it’s no surprise then that it took a friend’s invitation for me to get out of the house to catch up over food and a walk around the city. We ate at Teru Cafe in Glebe for some Italian food, even though there’s a huge variety of other dishes (all-day breakfast included)! By the way, the above bookstore’s not attached to it and is in fact in Sappho’s, but a girl can dream of a restaurant/library hybrid right? Anyway,  somehow we ended up at the Chinese Friendship Gardens in Darling Harbour which is a total tourist trap. Nevertheless, I’d never been before so I guess there’s a first time for everything!

My friend’s eggplant parmigiana and my spinach and ricotta cannelloni, although they look suspiciously similar under all that cheese! In hindsight I doubt eating that much dairy did me any favours, but I do know that it was delicious…

Some adorable bonsai trees featuring tiny horses near the entrance of the gardens! Too bad my first experience growing them was less than stellar, otherwise I might be bothered trying to maintain my own again…

Probably the most wildlife I’ll be experiencing for a long time. Anyway, I think I would have gotten even nicer pictures at sunset, but it’s a shame that the gardens close way before 8pm! Not pictured are the Chinatown markets that happen every Friday night, but I was so full that I didn’t even think about taking any treats home. Although, I’m now craving takoyaki and Japanese pancakes, so there’s always next time… Anyway, I hope you’re having an awesome weekend!