Dotti embroidered kimono, Miss Shop dress, Tiffany & Co. bracelet

Fashion-wise, I’ve never been a person that understands seasonal colours. After all, considering my 95% black wardrobe magically pulling out whites and brights for the summertime just isn’t practical, or to my taste! Anyway, it’s no surprise then that this all black ensemble is a standard summer outfit for me, and I wore it to watch the new Hobbit movie earlier this week. Despite the hot weather I find cinemas freezing, so this kimono cardigan is my new favourite thing to keep warm but not too warm when going between air-conditioned places and the great outdoors. Plus, it makes me feel kind of witchy with the floaty sleeves and all that, so I’ll definitely be needing more in my wardrobe arsenal soon!

I paired this with the fisherman sandals I always wear, so that’s nothing to write home about. There’s not really a reason behind why I decided to slip on the Tiffany bracelet either, except it was a gift from my birthday last year and admittedly I haven’t been good about wearing it! I tend to go for gold pieces since I think they suit my skin tone better, but I still love it all the same. I hardly have any real jewellery, so it’s always nice to have items that I know I can hold onto forever.

As it turns out sometimes I just can’t take outfit pictures outside, but I was pleasantly surprised that the lighting in my room didn’t fail me this time around! I’m kind of limited when it comes to photogenic backdrops, but it’s nice to change things up every once in a while. Anyway, happy hump day and I hope you’re enjoying your week!