I am back. From the BEST TWELVE DAYS EVER. Japan really does do everything better… except public seats. Seriously, there’s nowhere to sit anywhere :l Anyway I’m sort of sad because I’ll miss everyone on the trip, and it all seems like a blur… but no more sentimentality. A few photos from the first days:
Boards for writing wishes on at… a shrine.
I thought it was so cute how everything was getting ready for Halloween, ha!
Japanese dogs. NO WORDS.
We ended up going to a ‘farm’ (LONG STORY, but this is actually really funny) and spent ages trying to stalk this butterfly. LOL… I should probably try to cull the thousand or so pointless pictures I took, but anyway. I splurged a bit on stuff this trip. And it is so awesome I’m probably gonna explode, but that’s another post. Next time!