favourite thrift finds ii

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point the number of secondhand clothes in my closet overtook the new ones in there. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to this, really. If anything, I’m just addicted to the thrill of searching for that perfectly unique find!  More often than not, I’m also finding that clothes in mainstream stores are a) too expensive and b) just don’t suit my style anymore. Thrifting’s the perfect outlet for sartorial experimentation, because hey! What have you got to lose when that questionable shirt cost under a fiver anyway? Anyway, I’ve posted about my favourite thrift finds in the past but here are more that I’ve been loving lately:


Floral print dress: I’m 99% sure this thing’s meant to be worn as a top, but I can juuust get away with it as a dress with shorts underneath. The dark floral print is right up my ally, and I love how the material’s so light and breezy. Not to mention, those daisy-shaped buttons add the cutest subtle touch!


Vintage print midi skirt: I’m not someone that usually wears a lot of colour, let alone orange of all shades. There’s something about this print I adore though, probably because it gives me serious autumnal vibes! Now that I think about it the origins of this skirt may have actually been my mum’s closet, but who’s really counting?


Uniqlo koi t-shirt: Quality t-shirts are something I wish I came across more often in thrift stores. More often than not they’re too worn, too discoloured, and just not suitable for wearing outside, but when I bought this one it was almost brand new! I love the koinobori or carpfish streamer print, which actually symbolises Children’s Day in Japan.

Royal blue pleated skirt: This skirt used to be a bit longer, but the awkward knee-length just wasn’t doing it for me. Ever since I took a pair of scissors to it, it’s become one of the most versatile pieces in my closet! Besides bringing back memories of my netball playing days, I love how it adds a little girliness to any outfit without being over the top.


Navy button down skirt: There’s so much I love about this skirt, I don’t even know where to start! For starters it has deep pockets and is a versatile shade of navy, making it easy to wear with most of the tops I already own. What more can a girl ask for? I’m also a huge fan of the iridescent buttons, which kinda look like they contain tiny galaxies.

Despite owning even more skirts and dresses than this, sadly I haven’t been able to break them out much lately. Sydney weather seems to be going through the longest transitional period ever, making getting dressed in the morning a huge chore. Here’s hoping it starts to warm up soon, because I’m sick of wearing jackets already!