five summer outfits

I’m not gonna lie, it feels weird to be writing a blog post right now. In the midst of a global pandemic, churning out content (let alone about clothes) all feels a bit trivial, but you know what? Right now, I think we could all use a nice distraction from the stream of virus-related news flooding our timelines.

Anyway, this post has been a long time coming! We may be two weeks into autumn already, but if Sydney weather’s anything to go by there are a still a few days left when I can get away with these outfits:

Assembly Label wide leg jeans      Assembly Label wide leg jeans

Valleygirl top, Assembly Label jeans, Muji sneakers

I have to admit, until recently I’ve never been big fan of white jeans. As someone who a) despises wearing pants in summer and b) is clumsy as hell, the idea of them always seemed like a horrible, high-maintenance affair! Nonetheless, I decided to take a chance on this pair when I found them at the Assembly Label warehouse, and I’m so glad I did. The wide leg cut is super comfy, and takes a basic jeans and t-shirt combo to the next level. In fact, now I’ve already got my eye on the black version!

Uniqlo IDLF shirt dress      Uniqlo IDLF shirt dress

Uniqlo IDLF dress, Muji sneakers

When I came across this dress in Uniqlo, it was pretty much love at first sight. I don’t know about you, but the shirtdress design totally reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would wear in ‘Roman Holiday’! Not to mention, I love how the linen material makes it super wearable and easy to throw on. Paired with the classic rust shade, I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing this dress for seasons to come.

Thrills Marlow Jacket      Thrills Marlow Jacket

Thrills Marlow jacket, Uniqlo U t-shirt, secondhand skirt, Muji sneakers

This cream denim jacket has turned out to be an unexpected hero in my closet. The neutral shade goes with pretty much anything in my wardrobe, so there’s hardly a day when I’m not wearing it! It even has secret pockets on the inside, something I’ve only dreamed about in women’s clothing since the beginning of time.

Summer gingham dress      Summer gingham dress

Thrifted denim jacket, QED London dress, Muji sneakers

Sometimes gingham can be difficult to pull off, but I love how this dress is cute without being overly kitschy. The smock-style is also super breezy, making it ideal for the insane heat in Australia. Sadly I did not attend any picnics this past season, even though it would’ve been the perfect occasion for this outfit! I guess I have no choice but to hold onto it for next summer.

Uniqlo linen shorts      Uniqlo linen shorts

Thrifted denim jacket, Uniqlo t-shirt, Uniqlo linen shorts, Muji sneakers

Here’s a realistic look at what I’m wearing 99% of the time in summer – a plain ol’ t-shirt and shorts. Of course, when it comes to basics it doesn’t get much better than Uniqlo. I’ve been living in their beige linen shorts, which are starting to look like pyjama bottoms the more I stare at them!

And of course, I would be nothing without my go-to pair of white sneakers. I go through them at a ridiculous rate, but so far this pair from Muji has really impressed me. The design is quite similar to Converse All Stars, but I find them much more flattering. At $44.95, it also doesn’t hurt that they’re affordable compared to most shoe brands.

I’m curious to know – which outfit was your favourite of the bunch? Anyway, I hope you’re all staying safe wherever you are! With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it’s never been more important for us to take care of ourselves and each other.