No matter how much you argue, there’s just no denying the facts – Japan is home to some of the best seafood you’ll eat in your life. Especially for a sashimi lover like myself, Tsukiji Market (築地市場) is basically heaven on Earth. While the sushi bars here are famed for being as fresh as you can get, there are so many other things to explore in the area. For one, you’ll find no shortage of vendors selling everything from grilled crab to oysters and pork dumplings. Needless to say, it’s recommended you make sure to visit on an empty stomach!


Don’t mind me, just admiring my super fresh meal of kaisendon! For those who don’t know, this is basically a rice bowl laden with sashimi and other seafood goodies. While my typical idea of breakfast doesn’t usually involve fish, mornings are the best time to enjoy Tsukiji Market at its liveliest.

As the day wore on, I definitely noticed the activity in the market dying down a bit. Considering Tsukiji’s moving from its historical location next year, I’m glad I got to see it with my own eyes. Even though it’s a total tourist spot, I loved seeing how the vendors operate and being in the midst of all that energy. I’m not totally sure where the new market will be, but one thing’s certain. Regardless of location, wherever there’s good seafood I’ll be sure to follow!