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a weekend away

If you told me I’d come all the way to Japan to go on camp, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. The last time I attended camp was in my high school days, yet when my university offered the chance to go away for a weekend I couldn’t say no! The experience was unique, to say the least. Coming from Australia, morning exercises and making curry over an open fire aren’t exactly my idea of typical camp activities. Yet no matter what country you’re in, there’s a lot of mischief to be had when a hundred or so young people board together…


Sadly I don’t have many pictures from the camp itself, but on the way home we made a pitstop at Tsuruga Castle, a famous tourist spot in Fukushima. Even though it was only a replica of the original castle, it was still pretty impressive! The walls were so white they were almost glistening. I also had an awesome musk melon soft serve there, which was the perfect thing to combat the stifling heat.


And that was my little stint in Fukushima! Before you freak out, the place we visited was far away from the actual city, which was affected by the nuclear accident in 2011. There’s a lot of contention over whether it’s safe now or not, but it’s worth noting that Fukushima the prefecture is a place where people still live and go about their lives normally. Even if it was only for a couple of days, I’m really glad I had the chance to go and see it for myself. Until next time!