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ajisai matsuri

Even though the humidity in Japan is unbearable at times, one good thing to come out of it is the ajisai, or hydrangea flowers. Ever since the rainy season started they’ve been popping up everywhere, from tiny crevices to spots on the side of the road. A few weeks ago there was even a hydrangea festival held near my university, so clearly I had to go and check it out! Even though my friends and I were probably the youngest ones there, it was so fun to explore the garden and all the surprises hidden in it.


I loved how the hydrangeas came in such pretty pastel colours! They really reminded me of watercolour paintings, which I adore.

Can we talk about this dress for a second? I thrifted it in Australia, but was shocked when I checked the tag to see that it was originally from COS! Naturally I had to snap it up straight away. That aside I love how billowy it is, and perfect for the sticky weather here.

I feel like I’m constantly going to look at flowers ever since coming to Japan, although I’m definitely not complaining! I love how appreciating nature and the passing seasons is such a huge thing here. Needless to say, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what autumn in Japan has in store for me. Until next time!