I don’t know about you, but September’s always an exciting time of year for me. On top of graduation season and the beginning of spring, there always seems to be an abundance of birthdays around this time. For that reason alone I’ve definitely been a busy bee, and a broke one at that! Anyway, in honour of my extra day of delaying going back to uni (hurrah for the long weekend) here’s a roundup of photos from my daily life, or just things I’ve been eating recently if I’m being totally honest. Most of these things probably won’t be new to you if you follow me on Instagram, but oh well…


Just some casual shots around the city while I was running errands. Even though I tend to pass places like the Strand Arcade all the time, living in such a gorgeous city never really gets old. I definitely take it for granted sometimes!


My family’s Father’s Day lunch. I’ve always found it bizarre that Australia has Father’s Day in a completely different month to the rest of the world, but moving on… What you see here is basically a Lao dish where you make your own lettuce wraps with meat, vegetables and rice noodles. However, we also have oysters there because why the heck not. On the right are some Thai donuts and pandan custard, which were sooo good! I’ve probably taken ten years off my life just from consuming all those calories though, haha.


It just wouldn’t be a post of mine if I didn’t indulge my sweet tooth, right? I made vanilla and strawberry panna cotta, which I actually posted a recipe for awhile back. The classic flavour combination just makes it one of those things that everyone loves. Plus if you make it during the day, it’ll be ready in time for dessert!


Central Park’s currently hosting a cool exhibition called ‘Game On’ as a part of Art and About, which I really enjoyed. Basically, they’ve installed a bunch of vintage video games and ping pong tables that are free to use, and it’s so much fun. I think it’s only there for another week, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!


I finally tried out Vapiano’s at a friend’s graduation dinner, and it was pretty good! At first I thought it was strange that the pasta wasn’t tossed through, but the trapped heat underneath meant that it was piping hot when it got to my table. Also some waffles I had for breakfast, because why not. They were good enough to eat on their own, but you can never go wrong with some squeezed lemon and sugar on top.