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sakura in bloom

Well, hello there stranger! It feels like a whole season has passed since I last blogged, which probably isn’t much of a stretch since it’s officially spring in Australia tomorrow. I really don’t have any excuse besides the fact that my life has been pretty boring, and therefore pretty un-blogworthy lately. However, over the weekend I did visit Auburn Botanical Gardens for its annual cherry blossom festival. Entry was free for those wearing a kimono or yukata, but I opted out since I had to go by public transport. Maybe next time…


As the Japanese saying goes, the cherry blossoms are like life itself – short but beautiful. In fact, they’re usually only in full bloom for a few days, so sadly most of the flowers were past their prime when I visited! Nevertheless the rest of the gardens are still quite enjoyable, just like a slice of Japan nestled in the Sydney suburbs.

They even have animal enclosures in the gardens complete with kangaroos and wallabies, but naturally I only took pictures of the peacocks. Anyway, here’s to the changing of the seasons! While I’ll usually say that I prefer winter, I’m so ready for longer days and weather that doesn’t make me want to rug up like an eskimo. Yessss.