Thrifted coat and t-shirt (available here), Zara skirt, Portland boots

If I had to categorise my wardrobe into two things, it would all boil down to a ton of black skater skirts and striped tees. There’s just something so reliable about both of them, so much so that I usually have to restrain myself from overdoing it whenever I go shopping! My thought process was no different when I saw this tee in Salvos, but when I realised that it was originally from American Apparel I was pretty much sold. The crew neck style and softness is everything I want in a t-shirt, and while I probably wouldn’t fork out the price of a brand new one, I’ll still wear this one to death!

This coat is another one of my new favourite thrift finds. I’m not usually someone that mixes prints, but I’ll make an exception when it comes to stripes since they’re pretty much another neutral in my eyes. Anyway, I love how there are no bells and whistles to this coat, just some hidden fasteners that let the fabric speak for itself. Why don’t they make them like they used to? With all the flashy buttons and leather panels on coats these days, sometimes I feel like the most basic of designs is something to be desired.