As if my blog wasn’t enough indication, it seems like I’ve garnered a bit of a reputation outside the internet for being obsessed with food. It’s not surprising at all, really – it’s pretty much all I talk about and take pictures of! If my camera’s not on me, most of my food adventures tend to be delegated to my instagram… that is, if I don’t devour the thing straight away. Anyway, I realised that I’ve never really revisited my insta-food adventures, so here are some mini reviews of places I’ve been around Sydney:


Three Beans Cafe: This franchise seems to be popping up everywhere, and while I’m not a big fan of coffee I can appreciate the occasional iced drink from this place! The standard green tea frappuccino is quite good, although iced coffee with ice cream will win every time in my eyes. Apparently they do milkshakes too, so there’s an excuse to go back another time.

Three Beans Cafe on Urbanspoon


Fujipan, Chinatown: If you’re after an authentic Japanese bakery, this place is the ticket! That blob is basically curry filled bread that has been covered in bread crumbs and deep fried, and it’s as good as it sounds. Of course, I couldn’t leave Totoro behind – aside from being a pretty face it’s decadent and filled with custard. Also worth mentioning is melonpan, which doesn’t taste anything like melon and just looks like it because of the cookie crust on outside. For just over $10 for the whole lot, I’ll definitely be back!

Fujipan Japanese Bakery on Urbanspoon


Chat Thai, Westfield Sydney: Chat Thai isn’t really a place for snacks per se (although I’d use the heck out of a takeaway option if it had one), but I love it anyway. I’m not usually one to wait in line for restaurants but it’s worth it for the authentic Thai food, whether you’re getting pad see ew (my all time favourite) or a range of other dishes for sharing. The Yakult blend is also to die for – aside from distinct taste of Yakult it’s also got some pineapple and coconut hints to it!


Considering how often I eat ramen, it’s astounding that I’ve never gotten around to doing a full review of a ramen place. I’ve mentioned Gumshara’s (on the left) before, and it’s insanely rich tonkotsu ramen is hard to forget. Ichiban Boshi’s ramen on the right is a little easier to eat, and also offers a variety of other ramen and udon noodles if that’s what you fancy.

Unfortunately Sydney hasn’t really grasped the idea of street food that so many other cities are famous for, but that’s a whole other gripe I won’t get into. Anyway, if you want to keep up with more food adventures you can follow my instagram @manisay, and I hope you have a great Easter weekend ahead of you!