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Welcome back to Sydney Snacks, a series where I talk about the food I’ve been eating lately! I realise my last post wasn’t that long ago, but I couldn’t help myself. If the number of food photos on my phone is anything to go by, eating has to be one of my favourite pastimes! Anyway, read on for an insight into what I’ve been snacking on lately:

RaRa Ramen Redfern Sydney     Ciccone and Sons Redfern Sydney

My friend and I are total ramen addicts, so we couldn’t not visit RaRa Ramen when it first opened last year. We both ordered the shio tonkotsu ramen, and it wasn’t bad. It had thin, firm noodles, and this incredible chashu pork that just melted in your mouth. The wait was insane though, so I’m not sure if I’d be willing to do it again! Who knows, maybe the hype has died down by now.

Afterwards we picked up dessert at Ciccone & Sons, which happens to be right down the street. It’s quite popular, but there wasn’t a soul in sight when we visited! Anyway, we ordered scoops of banana and passionfruit buttermilk gelato. It was amazing – I heard they do a burnt butter flavour now, which I definitely need to go back for!

Bang Bang Izakaya Darling Square Sydney     Bang Bang Izakaya Darling Square Sydney

Bang Bang Izakaya is a fun, loud Japanese bar in Haymarket. And while it’s a decent spot for drinks, the food also happens to be amazing! There’s a huge selection of Japanese fusion dishes, and we spent ages deciding what to order. Eventually we settled on lava omurice, agedashi tofu, brioche sliders… But my favourite had to be the tebasaki chicken wings, which I sadly don’t have a photo of! Think super juicy chicken wings coated with lashings of sweet soy sauce, and a good dose of pepper. I’m getting cravings just thinking about it!

ICG Korean fried chicken Sydney     ICG Korean fried chicken seafood pancake Sydney

ICG Incredible Chicken is exactly what it sounds like. That is, a one-stop shop for Korean fried chicken, along with all your favourite side dishes. Not to mention, they sell twelve varieties of fried chicken here! We got the green onion, and it definitely didn’t under-deliver in that department. The seafood pancake was also spot on, and super crispy.

Ume Burger Sydney     Matchaya green tea soft serve Darling Square Sydney

If you’re after a junk food fix but not the typical kind, Ume Burger is the place to go! I got their self titled burger, and it’s definitely something special. The beef patty’s topped with wagyu mince sauce, tomato, onion, mayo and American cheese. I couldn’t get enough, and definitely need to go back and try the other burgers on the menu!

On the topic of Japanese food, there’s a new green tea cafe in town. Matcha-Ya is actually right next to Bang Bang, and serves up any kind of matcha dessert you can think of. I went with a combination of matcha and houjicha in my soft serve, but I’m also keen to try the parfaits!

Bubble tea ice cream Sydney     Bubble tea ice cream Sydney

And now, for something a little different. I’m a bubble tea addict, so I was pretty apprehensive that this boba milk tea flavoured ice cream would live up to the real thing. The milk tea flavour was actually spot on, and not like anything I’ve tasted before! While the pearls are more like jelly, I wasn’t expecting much in that department anyway. Not bad for a random Asian grocery store find!