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sydney snacks iv

Hello and welcome back to Sydney Snacks, a series where I share happy snaps of all the food I’ve been eating lately! As it turns out, I’ve been neglecting this series for a while… in fact, it’s been more than two years since my last post! In that time a lot of new eateries have popped up in Sydney, and I’ve definitely had my fair share of good food. I’ll probably need to post part five soon, if my camera roll is anything to go by! Anyway, here’s what I’ve been indulging in lately:

Yum cha dim sum Sydney      Yum cha dim sum Sydney

Yum cha is a forever favourite of mine, and that should come as no surprise if you follow my Instagram! Whether I eat at Phoenix Restaurant, The Eight or elsewhere, it doesn’t matter. I always get my fill of classics like har gao (prawn dumplings), cheung fun (rice noodle rolls), tofu with ginger syrup… and of course, braised chicken feet. That one’s definitely an acquired taste, but once you start liking it you can’t stop!

By the way, here’s a question for my non-Australian readers – do yum cha restaurants serve mango pancakes where you live? I’ve heard that they don’t exist overseas, despite being a staple dessert item here in Oz!

PappaRich Malaysian Sydney      PapaRich Malaysian Sydney

I’m a huge fan of Malaysian cuisine, whether it’s in the form of a comforting laksa or spicy char kway teow. But for me, Hainanese chicken rice is the definition of comfort food. On this particular day I was seriously craving it, and this rendition from PapaRich was pretty tasty. The steamed chicken was on point, as was the rice cooked in chicken stock. And of course, I can never leave that place without a glass of teh tarik to wash it all down.

Gogyo burnt miso ramen Sydney      Gogyo pork belly slider Sydney

After awhile, ramen can start to taste the same. But when I heard that Gogyo was opening in Surry Hills, I knew I had to check it out right away. It’s owned by the same company behind Ippudo, but I’d never heard of it before this year! Anyway my friend and I shared a pork slider, but we were both there for one thing and one thing only – the ramen. Specifically their burnt miso ramen, which was sooo comforting and rich. That smokiness from the miso really set it apart from other broths, and I enjoyed the chewy noodles. While it may have even been a little too rich for me, I still drank every last drop of soup! Next time I’ll probably try their offerings of regular tonkotsu ramen.

Coco bubble tea Sydney      Coco bubble tea Sydney

Even though this is a food post, it feels wrong not to mention my latest obsession – Coco’s Fresh Juice and Tea. I’ve tried a lot of bubble tea in my lifetime, but this one has to be my favourite. Good news for me too, because they’re starting to pop up everywhere! While the mango yoghurt juice was average at best, the pearl milk tea has never failed me. Coco’s taro flavour is also pretty amazing. It tastes like candy, and kind of reminds me of my favourite ube ice cream! I should probably make an effort to try more flavours, but I guess old habits die hard…