five winter outfits

… or at least, as close as you can get to winter here in Australia! Our winters are never really that bad, but this year? I honestly think Sydney experienced a week of truly cold weather, max. Apart from that the conditions have been mild as ever, with sunny days all around. In fact, by the time I post this it’ll probably be too warm to wear half of these outfits.

Anyway, most of these looks are ones I’d probably wear to work. Things are pretty casual in a creative environment, so I don’t think anyone would bat an eyelid if I decided to rock up in track pants… Nonetheless, I always like to put at least some effort into getting dressed, because that’s just the kind of person I am. Onto the outfits!


Amazon Japan scarf / Sportscraft coat / H&M top / Ally skirt / Zara boots

This scarf was literally the first thing I found when I searched on Amazon Japan, but it turned out to be a winner. Not only does the grey shade go with any outfit, it’s big enough to use as a makeshift blanket. Honestly, I think that might be the only criteria I need when shopping for scarves from now on!


Ralph Lauren sweater / Sportsgirl jeans / Zara boots / Table Eight coat

I may not know a thing about cricket, but I love everything about this jumper from Ralph Lauren. From the patterned knit to the striped detailing, it gives me seriously preppy vibes. My only regret is not stocking up on different colours when I had the chance!


earth music&ecology coat / GU snood / Zara top / Sportsgirl Jeans / Zara boots

This coat is one of my favourites, and also happens to be from Japan. Sometimes the oversized fit makes me feel like I resemble a giant Totoro, but who cares! It keeps me warm and that’s all that matters.


GU sweater / Ally skirt / Zara boots / Table Eight coat

True to form, I love wearing skirts and dresses even when it’s chilly outside. In fact, this black skater skirt by Ally has been a staple in my wardrobe all winter. As for the key to staying warm? Make sure you stock up on thick tights, and a looot of Heattech from Uniqlo!


Table Eight coat / Uniqlo top / Topshop jeans / Superga sneakers

This outfit is pretty much a combination of all my favourite basics. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of striped tees, and this long-sleeved one from Uniqlo is no exception. When paired with classic denim, you can’t really put a foot wrong.

Starting to look repetitive? You might have noticed that I wear the same items all the time, but that’s just an accurate depiction of my style. After all, one thing I love about winter is that it’s much more acceptable to rewear the same pieces over and over again. Nonetheless, I’m still excited to hang up my coats and say hello to breezy dresses and shorts, à la my summer outfits post. Spring, I’m ready for you!