a fresh start

So after nine years of blogging, it’s finally happened. That is, I’ve made the move to WordPress after months of deliberation, and a little downtime! Honestly, I didn’t think I’d do it so soon after writing up my 25 by 25 list, but here I am. Funny how putting things into the universe makes them happen faster, huh?

Anyway, there were many reasons I decided to make the switch. For one, I just wasn’t satisfied with Blogger’s system anymore. I was also feeling really uninspired when it came to blogging, so the natural move was to go ahead and refresh everything. You may have noticed that I have a domain now, but not the same one I had awhile back. Let this be a lesson learnt, guys. Always renew your domain, otherwise scalpers will take it and hold it for ransom!

Now that the hard part’s done, I’m in love with my fresh new layout. It’s not a huge departure from the old one, but I do feel like it showcases my photos more. Also, browsing categories is a whole lot easier. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to creating content on this brand new platform! Stay tuned for some exciting things in the pipeline…