So, it’s definitely been a minute since I updated this ol’ blog of mine! Since then I’ve landed back in Australia already, and if I’m being totally honest? The past month has been tough to say the least. For one, the sheer process of tying up exchange was way more stressful than I imagined. There are so many things to cancel, and so many procedures involved with basically erasing all traces of my existence in Japan.

I also don’t think I’ve ever been in the position of having to say so many goodbyes at once. Nothing really prepares you for that dreaded feeling, especially the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll see someone ever again. Of course, the people I’ve met and memories I’ve made on exchange are things I’ll treasure for a lifetime. I truly never thought it was possible for me to experience such a deep level of friendship, let alone in a strange place where I started out knowing exactly zero people. But at the same time, as each day passes memories of the year start to slip away. In fact, it’s beginning to feel like a dream that might as well have never happened at all.


I remember seeing the sakura just a week out from arriving in Japan, so it was kind of fitting that I saw them again in Tokyo just before flying out back home. Of course, it’s way too early for the main event, with most Japanese cherry blossoms not emerging until at least early April. However, this early blooming variety of sakura can be spotted if you just know where to look. On this particular day in Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑) a lot people had the same idea as me, and were all crowded around this particular tree that was in full bloom.

Anyway, now that I’m home again there’s good and bad news. I’ve been travelling a lot recently, so I probably have enough Japan photos to blog about for years to come! The bad news is that I kind of overdid it and wound up in hospital on my return. Without going into too much detail my chronic illness took a turn for the worse, but thankfully I’m in good hands and have been resting a lot over the past few days. I hate to end the post on such a negative note, but that’s reality and I try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to this little space of mine. Thanks so much for sticking around if you’re still reading this far, and more posts to come soon!