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shinagawa aquarium

As a kid, one of my most vivid memories was visiting the aquarium on a school excursion. There’s just something so mesmerising about watching the fish move, no matter how old you are! For the first stop of our Tokyo trip my friends and I decided to visit Shinagawa Aquarium (しながわ水族館), somewhere a bit off the beaten path. Would I say it’s really special in comparison to other aquariums around the world? Probably not. It was still pretty fun though, despite there being a lot of kids and families because of the public holiday.


The aquarium itself is pretty small, and tucked away in a park next to the ocean. Although it’s a bit of a walk from Omori-kaigan station, the pretty views definitely make up for it. By the way, how adorable is this little axolotl?! His face makes me laugh every time.

Can you tell that the tiny Nemos were my favourite? I couldn’t quite capture the fish well in photos so here are some video snippets from my visit. Anyway, at the rate of these posts I think I’ll be blogging about Golden Week forever. In the meantime, you can look forward to touristy photos from the second-tallest structure in Japan! 😉