Thrifted t-shirt, Table Eight blouse, Ladakh skirt, Dotti boots

If I haven’t made it already clear, it’s now official – transitional weather will be the death of me. Lately the cool change has been teasing us (well, maybe just me) with the possibility of wearing knits and tights, but nope! It always turns out to be too hot to do so without boiling to death. In the meantime, I’ve been wearing open shirts over t-shirts instead of real jackets since it’s always cold-but-not-really whenever I’m at uni. Truth be told though, I just want to bundle up in tons of layers already!

Anyway, I wore this to walk around the city and spend five hours looking for boots, to no avail. While I love my go-to Dotti ones, I’m on the lookout for a pair that’s a bit more basic for everyday use. Unfortunately, finding something is nearly impossibly considering how picky I am! The boots I saw yesterday were either too expensive, too high-heeled, too narrow for my ginormous feet and so on. This doesn’t mean I’m about to give up my search, though. Hopefully I’ll find them during my upcoming holidays… after all, knowing Australia the real season for boot-appropriate weather won’t be coming soon anyway!