H&M top, Zara skirt and chambray shirt, Colorado backpack, Wandering Souls ‘George’ Sandals (similar here)

I know I’ve said it a million times over, but the moodiness of Sydney’s weather never ceases to amaze me. Even though today was the last day of summer the sun in these photos seems like a lifetime away, and it’s such a bittersweet feeling! While I look forward to dragging out my beloved coats for the cooler months, I just know I’ll miss the longer days and pretty lighting that’s taken for granted in the summertime. See my problem here?

Anyway, here are some full-blown pictures of an outfit I wore to the shops – a cream top and black skirt, how original of me. Lately I’ve been grappling more and more with the idea of buying less pieces, but ones I’m guaranteed to wear. Obviously this isn’t a new thing, but being a student on a crippling budget doesn’t really lend itself to having trendy things all the time! While this skirt and shoes are items I’ve worn more than I care to admit, there really shouldn’t be anything wrong with getting the best cost-per-wear out of your clothes. In this case I’d love a daily uniform to make life easier, or maybe that just says more about me being lazy. Even as a kid I’d get jealous of cartoon characters that repeated outfits all the time without judgement, so hopefully I wasn’t the only one!