uni essentials

Although I finished high school over a year ago, the idea of back to school shopping never gets old. There’s just something about stationery shops that makes me feel like a kid in a candy store, and it usually takes all my willpower not to wipe the shelves clean! Sadly, these days I don’t have much use for pretty pens and notebooks anymore since using my laptop is way more convenient. Those were the days, when I’d stress over wrapping and avoiding bubbles on my exercise books… Anyway, last week marked the start of uni for me, but being the disorganised person I am I didn’t have time to gather all my stuff until now. So to get into the spirit of things, here are some items that wouldn’t look out of place in my uni bag!

1. Samsung Galaxy SII – Well, I think this one’s a given! Even though I’m hankering for an upgrade soon, I don’t think I’d be able to function right without my phone on me at all times.

2. Keep Cup – This year I endeavour to save money and avoid overpriced hot drinks, so here’s the first step in keeping that resolution. This was actually a freebie from uni and made an entire day of pretending to be a first year worth it, haha! Hey, I need to take advantage of my youth while it lasts…

3. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey – The non-existent label on this stain is pretty much a testament to how often I wear it! No matter how many other lip products I buy, this one will always stand out as my favourite for everyday wear.

4. Oroton wallet – The size of this makes it perfect for everyday purchases, as well as a whole lot of hoarding (purikura pictures, loyalty cards… you name it). I should probably stop that, considering the snap closure doesn’t even work anymore.

5. Gifted pencil case – I’m obsessed with the print on this pencil case, and have mended it too many times to count! Despite this it still doesn’t seem to be holding together, so I’m probably doing something wrong…

6. Sticky notes – Let’s be honest here, half the enjoyment to be gained from studying is in coordinating the crap out of your notes with colourful tags.

7. Keys – The Stitch keyring was actually a prize from one of those Japanese capsule machines, and lo and behold! It actually contains a secret pen, which I’m sure will never come in handy.

8, 9. kikki.K notebook and cover – These two actually came together, but I ended up removing the cover to house my diary. It took me so long to decide on one for 2014 that I figured I should just settle for the free planner my uni gives out, which I wasn’t that fond of. However, with the different cover on it now has a whole new lease on life!

10. Lavievert laptop case – Yeah yeah, I couldn’t resist matching my notebook to my laptop case when I had the chance. It’s nothing special, but does a good job of protecting my Macbook and being a pseudo document holder!

Aaand here’s the bag that houses it all and more. Ideally my perfect uni bag would be a black leather backpack that has no embellishments and enough space for my laptop, but nope! It doesn’t seem to exist, so I may have to take up leatherwork to make it happen. Anyway, this baby was the last one left in Sportsgirl so I took it as a sign. At least, it’ll do well to replace the ratty leather backpack that I used all throughout last year!

I’d ask if anyone else is back at school, uni and the like, but I know for a fact that the answer would be yes! It’s always weirded me out how holidays work differently outside the southern hemisphere, especially where opposite seasons are involved. I mean, how is it not confusing to start a new school year in September? It just makes no sense to my Australian brain. Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying your week so far!